• Tower Ruins 2

HM Tower of London : The Main Guard Wall

Making use of available timescale and funds at the tail-end of the award-winning White Tower conservation project, Historic Royal Palaces extended the proven expertise of the main contractor, Carrek Ltd, supported by the consultant team, to stabilise and repair the spur of rubble masonry and fine ashlar embrasures south of the White Tower’s long demolished forebuilding, the massive outcrop of wall being one of the last and most significant unrestored standing ruins at the Tower.

Close to its abutment with the Wakefield Tower and remains of the former Palace’s great kitchen, the broken rubblework above two surviving splayed firing embrasures was consolidated and resupported (with no loss of mediaeval fabric) on a framework of seasoned oak baulks bearing on the original head sockets and arch-springs, and cantilevered with firrings outwards to hold up the considerable width and irregularity of wall masonry to east and west. The design and direction of the works were shared with the structural engineer, Clive Dawson of Hockley & Dawson.

Ian Angus