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Worcester College, Oxford

We have provided the college architect consultancy to the buildings at Worcester College since the early 1960’s, latterly concentrating on the historic core of the college’s 15th and 18th century buildings. Based on the phased priorities in our Quinquennial Inspection Reports, several programmes of repair and alteration have been carried out since Ian Angus took over from Neil Macfadyen in 1992, including a ten year plan for extending and improving accessibility. Parallel alterations have included remodelling the Provost’s Lodgings for new occupants, reordering the Porters’ lodge, upgrading Fellows’ sets, seminar rooms and admin offices and refurbishing historic houses within the college’s outer curtilage for mixed student accommodation and teaching.

Repair programmes have ranged from routine cycles of reroofing, masonry works and external redecoration to the more specialised conservation of historic glazing, the structural monitoring and reinforcement of ancient vaults and the restoration of the Hall and Chapel interiors.

Ian Angus

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