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Hope House, Haiti

Hope House Haiti is an orphanage and free school (with over 900 pupils and growing rapidly) run by Pierre Richard and Yverose Telfort in Fonds Parisien, Haiti.

Andy Burrell spent a week at Hope House Haiti, surveying and preparing a master plan for the site and designing 5 different buildings for the site including new classrooms, workshops, dormitories, a guest house and a kindergarten.

Little more than a year later, the new Kindergarten (pictured) had been fully funded from donations and built using volunteer and local labour and was in use. The building was set up on stilts to make best use of the topography of the site and create a shady space for the children to play below the classrooms, and was engineered by Adrian Cox Associates to ensure that it would remain secure during both earthquakes and hurricanes, with steel bracing having to be designed around the materials which could be sourced locally.

Andy is currently working with other London based Architects who are currently developing designs for a High School on the site.

Haiti Kindergarten Completed
Haiti Kindergarten Finished
Haiti Kindergarten First Class
Haiti Kindergarten In Progress
Haiti Kindergarten Progress
Haiti Kindergarten