HM Tower of London – White Tower

Phased over three years the award-winning project for Historic Royal Palaces brought together expert consultancies in archaeology, petrology, historic mortar analysis and environmental performance, under Carden & Godfrey as Lead Consultant and Conservation Architect. The Works comprised the diagnosis and repair of the great roof leadwork, cleaning and repair of the external stonemasonry, overhaul of the lead rainwater goods and repainting of the external joinery and ironwork, all following deep research into materials and workmanship used over ten centuries.

Client: Historic Royal Palaces
Contract Period: 36 months in 3 phases
Contract Value: £1.3m.

Discoveries during the course of the work, for instance long-hidden rainwater outlets and original leadwork from the original pre-1485 lower roof, contributed to the growing knowledge about the Tower’s constructional history. This was brought together in several publications and conferences after completion of the job, which was awarded first prize and Project of the year by the RICS.
During the course of the three phases, we joined with Historic Royal Palaces and Principal Contractor Carrek Ltd to take members of the public, school parties and craft-training groups on scaffolding tours of the work in progress, including hands-on demonstrations of stonework repair.

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