Roofing and stonework Repairs: Leeds Castle, Kent

Appointed by the Trustees of the Leeds Castle Foundation, Carden & Godfrey conducted a detailed Condition Survey of the medieval and post-medieval stonework of the island site and produced a prioritized 10 Year Plan for phased repairs, replacements, and conservation. As with many of our projects in popular visited locations, the building works must be planned and procured well in advance to accommodate public access and special events, especially weddings. At Leeds Castle, this has resulted in the prioritized phases of repair being run through the winter months, from October to March, with fully protected scaffolding, including temporary roof, and with up-front scheduling and templating of stone replacement quantities and profiles to obtain the materials ready for commencement of the works on site.

Client: The Leeds Castle Foundation

Repairs to the main entrance central tower of the 1820’s New Castle, including the reconfigured leadwork renewal of both turret roofs, was carried out by Paye Stonework & Restoration Ltd. Using only matching Kentish Ragstone locally sourced from Gallagher’s Quarry near Maidstone and assisted by new Italian precision stone cutting machinery at the quarry, it has been possible to use the hard and brittle Kentish Rag for carved, moulded replacement sections of parapet copings, cornices, window hoods and mullions, where previous and failed renewals had been in various limestones, latterly patched with cement. Extensive, expert repointing has helped to harmonize the old and the new, two hundred years apart.

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