Osterley Garden House – Conservation and Repairs

The project was to repair and renovate the Garden House, including the original windows, and leave them operational. Internal and external cracks were repaired, including any cracks in timber architraves, decorative elements, and the top balustrade. Lead on the roof was partly replaced. The building was completely redecorated.

Project Cost – Circa £83,000

Osterley Park Garden House nestles in the beautiful garden of Osterley House. Designed by Robert Adam for the Childs family in the late 1700, it is the last such building to be still used for its original purpose. Single storey, semi-circular in plan with its simple, elegant design, the front elevation is adorned by the large, original, curved sash windows. Potted lemon and orange trees, together with smaller plants, are stored here for the winter.

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