The Banqueting House, Whitehall – Repairs & alterations

Repairs and alterations to Inigo Jones’s masterpiece, including cleaning and conservation of Sir John Soane’s Portland stone refacing, the stabilisation and colour washing of James Wyatt’s rendered north annexe and the installation of a fire suppression misting system to protect the historic carpentry above and around the great Rubens’ ceiling paints.

Client: Historic Royal Palaces

Discrete security secondary glazing was incorporated into the refurbishment and repainting (in their original 1830s pale stone colour) of the sash windows, and the project was topped out with a new scheme of subtle external lighting onto Whitehall, and the repaving and accessible ramping of the entrance courtyard.

The first phase, run as a Construction Management Contract under Gardiner & Theobald, was concluded by the installation of a fire-suppression ‘misting’ system in the roof space above the great
Rubens/Inigo Jones’ ceiling, and the fixing of new horizontal flagpoles over Whitehall, with flags designed to honour both artists.

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