Cleaning and Repair of the Banqueting House, Whitehall for Historic Royal Palaces

Concentrating mostly on the external envelope, this first phase project included the specialist cleaning of the Portland Stone elevations, dating from Sir John Soane’s 1830’s re-facing of Inigo Jones’s more subtle but largely lost two-stone facades. Deeply damaged stones and embellishments, notably where undermined and fractured by rusting iron cramps, were part-replaced by carefully scheduled matching stone indents, and the areas of new and old were re-untied visually and for future moisture control by lime mortar repointing, with mortars mixed to match the original bedding material.
Client: Historic Royal Palaces

New lead coverings were laid on the projecting cornices and ledges, which also became the concealed location for compact LED fittings as part of the new external lighting. Lead rainwater goods were overhauled, along with the lightning conductors, and the building’s parapet gutters and sump outlets were renewed in lead, to modified configuration.
Blast-resistant secondary glazing was exhaustively researched and fitted internally to the principal windows.

The first phase, run as a Construction Management Contract under Gardiner & Theobald, was concluded by the installation of a fire-suppression ‘misting’ system in the roofspace above the great Rubens/Inigo James ceiling, and the fixing of new horizontal flagpoles over Whitehall, with flags designed to honor both artists.

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